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The team's talent and genuine enthusiasm has laid the groundwork for STEM Street. Each team member is committed to ensuring that all students are fulfilled with this interactive learning experience, which is at the heart of what we do. Read on to learn more, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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Hi everyone! I'm Ashrita Ganesh and am the founder of STEM Street. Through this initiative, I hope to spread my love for STEM with my community and the wider world, as outlined in the Home page. I'm really passionate about the potential STEM and, in particular, Engineering, has to further our development. Currently, I'm a student at Dubai College and am in the midst studying for my 4 A-Levels and EPQ next summer, which are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Economics. My favourite subjects are Maths and Physics, and thus, I will be helping younger girls out with these subjects. To further my love for these subjects, I've taken part in many competitions, including the UKMT challenge every year (where I've received a Gold), been chosen to represent my school in ISMTF (international competition), UOWD Mathalon 2020 (inter-school competition) and also, DMSL (inter-school competition), where I've successfully ranked highly. In addition, I am Head of two STEM Clubs at school at am a Senior Editor for my school science magazine. I also publish articles on a monthly basis. A few of my interests in STEM include sustainable energy (in particular solar energy), theoretical physics and mechanics. In my free time I like to play the piano, go on walks and watch cricket!



Hi there! I’m Sophia and I’m a member of STEM Street. What I particularly love about STEM is pushing boundaries and finding innovative solutions to real-world challenges and I hope to be able to inspire and help other girls to pursue their interests in STEM. I’m an A level student at City of London School for Girls, currently studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and completing an EPQ. I have a particular interest in maths/physics and design. To further enrich myself outside of lessons I regularly compete in various competitions including the UKMT challenges, the Physics Olympiad, attend lectures and am also learning to code. My interests in STEM include design engineering, mechanics, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. Outside of academics, I also enjoy playing the violin, drawing, boxing, tennis, basketball and football!




Hi everyone, I'm Kayla! I'm a student at City of London School for Girls, and I'm really passionate about the potential STEM has to fundamentally progress humanity and improve quality of life across the globe. I'm currently studying Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Theatre Studies for A levels, and currently I'm interested particularly in the bio/chem aspect. To further my knowledge outside of the curriculum, I read, go to lectures (now online due to Covid), and meet weekly with a small group of friends to share presentations on specific areas of interest; last week's was on CRISPR, the previous about T. Rex. In my free time I like to make model planes, draw, and anything related to the performing arts!



Hi, my name is Afrah Mohideen. I am currently in Year 12 at Dubai College and I am taking 3 A levels which are Biology, Chemistry and Maths as well as an EPQ. With these combination of A levels, I am hoping to study Medicine in the future. I would love to offer help in Biology and Chemistry as these two are the subjects I am most passionate about!

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